Fukukawa Tsuyoshi





Born in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. Majored in architecture at university and worked as a site supervisor for a construction company in Nagoya for 3.5 years. Moved to Tokyo and became independent in 2018. Involved in content planning, production, and direction, mainly in media management and website production, both domestic and international creative work.

Based on the idea that “the source of value is people,” the company is also working to create an environment that provides “means of communication” and “opportunities for growth” for “people who continue to imagine new value.

Recently, he is interested in regional development and careful manufacturing.

Qualifications: 2nd class architect
Hobbies: Camera, bouldering


What I provide

1. Creative Direction, Produce, Consulting




Food brands, local media, apparel, nursing care and medical equipment, electricity and gas related, personnel recruitment, muscle training related companies, etc.

We provide services from the launch of a project to strategic policy planning, planning direction, creative production, and operation.

We stand between the production team and the client and assist them while looking at both the creative and business aspects.

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2. Primary Industry




Iga City in Mie Prefecture, the home of the ninja, is said to have once been at the bottom of Lake Biwa, and its soil is rich in nutrients from the abundant vegetation and mineral-rich water from the source of the Yodo River, making it an ideal region for rice cultivation. Furthermore, because of the basin’s unique inland climate surrounded by mountains on all sides, the temperature range between day and night is large, and starch accumulates in the unhulled rice very easily, resulting in the cultivation of delicious rice.

The rice is produced and sold independently as “Iga Rice Koshihikari.

It is a high-quality rice with a perfect combination of taste, aroma, and stickiness, and the more you bite into it, the sweeter it tastes, even when it is cold.